The Candle Song

from by Word Man Rocks

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This is me singing and playing a song I Wrote.


“The Candle Song”
I almost lit a candle, the other night, while I was getting romantic, with my wife. But you’ve ruined all of that for me, in my life. One look at that flame, and the melting wax, and I just can’t stop those memories, from coming back. Red, white, and blue, melting wax, and me and you, maybe some brown mixed in there too. And they each had their own special scent, girl do you remember, how much it meant ? It meant so much, because it was a product of me and you ! Just something that we both, liked to do, making love, while our creation grew!
That ceramic vase you found, broken handle and a chip or two, but just right for what you had in mind to do! So you had me glue a plate to the top of it, pretty soon we had three candles lit. Red white and blue, three little flames, and me and you, holding hands, and praying to heaven, Lord our country needs your help right now, and that was just after nine-eleven.But time goes on, and we did too, while our creation just grew, and grew! Night after night in each others arms, how could everything have gone so wrong? Too many beers, and too many tears. In the end it was busted all to hell, just like me and you. But it was nice, while it lasted. Too bad we had to get so damn blasted! We cleaned up the mess, the morning after it got busted, but things were never quite the same, I guess we lost the flame. I couldn’t stop the drinking, but neither could you. All I can say is, I’m sorry Sue. So sorry about me and you.


from Raw, released December 1, 2016
John Young



all rights reserved


Word Man Rocks Waterville, Maine

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